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Best Hiring Practices

Best Hiring Practices

Even the most experienced childcare leaders can still have difficulty finding and hiring the perfect candidate for an open position. It can be difficult to determine if they will be right for the job or if they work well with the rest of your team.

When incorporating strategies to recruit the best candidates and reviewing not only the job requirements but the candidate’s attributes, you can hire the best person for your school

Participants will:

  1. Learn five tips for recruiting great childcare staff
  2. Review three effective interview styles that are most appropriate when filling childcare staff roles
  3. Examine the benefits of incorporating an onboarding process

Curriculum Code: BHP0741
Earn: .5 CEUs/ 5 Clock hours
Tuition: $47.00

The Best Childcare Director Training

Good help is so hard to find. There is no better example of this than seeing a childcare center in chaos simply because you don’t have the right staff under your direction. If you’re looking for some help in making sure that you’ve got proper support from start to end of your workweek, you’ll want to take a look at this online course, offering advice and guidance on best hiring practices for childcare leaders.

Why hiring the right staff matters

Even if you’ve been a childcare professional for years, you may be having a problem sourcing, hiring, and keeping on good, sensible workers. It has nothing to do with your leadership skills and everything to do with the interview process.

Think of it this way. Staff members are trained with a specific selection of characteristics, and those are the characteristics you’re looking for when you hire someone. Pretty straight-forward. But, as you already know, working in childcare is more than characteristics; it’s the strength of character and dedication to the job the right way.

You could be the most influential director out there, but the wrong staff under your supervision will lead to chaos and frustration from you down to the little ones in your care. Hiring the right help for the job you have designated is going to be crucial.

Our online course can help

You’ll be able to make sure you’re hiring the right professional for the job, both in the position itself as well as the rest of your team and your educational institution as a whole. This course will teach you the following focuses.

Top tips for recruiting staff: First and foremost, you want to have the right pool of candidates! These should be experienced and trained people and those who are going to get genuine fulfillment out of the position.

Tips and suggestions throughout the hiring process: The hiring process is where the main nugget of this childcare director training course will focus. This includes everything from effective interviewing styles (more than one kind) and how to use them to determine who should make it to the next round of options or not.

Why the onboarding process matters: You’ll also learn about why the onboarding process matters and the benefits waiting for your institution as a whole when you take it all seriously. This can often offer extra incentives to put these practices into play the next time you’re hiring.

The thing to remember with hiring and bringing on staff members is that they will have to decide whether your work environment is a productive one for them to put their skills to use. That’s often a personal journey for each worker, and it means that you, as the director, need to minimize turnover and employee burnout as much as possible by hiring the right people in the first place — for their sake and yours.

This online course in childcare director training will make it easier and faster so that everyone gets something positive out of it — especially the kids! Your new adventure into effective hiring is waiting for you!

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