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Learn Creative Teaching Methods Online

Creative Teaching Strategies

A good classroom environment always has some elements of creativity which makes the lessons more interesting and interactive. The right mix of creativity along with curriculum helps students to be innovative and encourages them to learn new things.

In this training, participants will:

  1. Learn three strategies that foster a compliant learning environment
  2. Identify five learning styles to consider when interacting with the students in their classroom
  3. Discover four common reasons students don’t participate and techniques that encourage participation

Curriculum Code: CTS0720
Earn: .5 CEUs/ 5 Clock hours
Onsite Instructor – led: $47.00

Learn Creative Teaching Methods Online

A modern classroom focuses on each student’s education but still focuses on making sure that these educational concepts are approachable for each learner. This means getting creative in both your interaction and approaches and also in the learning tasks themselves. It can be challenging without the proper training and support to lead you to success when it comes to blending that all in with a strategy to education. Training Source One teaches creative teaching methods through this online course.

What does creativity look like in education?

It could be creativity in the ordinary sense, such as paints and interactive activities, or creative in the academic sense, such as unique approaches to difficult educational tasks. That’s the whole point of creativity in early education — it’s whatever you need it to be.
Parents love when educators do whatever they can to help their little ones learn naturally and effectively. It can even be what draws them to trust you over something similar so that it might be a severe add-on. Plus, understanding the need for creativity is going to make you a better childhood educator, too.

In taking this early education online training, you’ll learn about the following facts and details for a genuinely creative education approach.

Strategies for a learning environment: The proper, safe, and effective learning environment is crucial for all children, but it often can look a little different when creating it for them and helping them see why it’s such a good thing. This online training will help you learn three different strategies for creating a safe learning environment that is safe and compliant for all children!

Top 5 learning styles: Since children are all different, understanding the best angle to help interact and engage with each one will be crucial to helping them learn and develop. Each one a little different; you’ll learn about 5 learning styles and how you can apply them with each child in your classroom.

Participation helpers: Finally, student engagement. This course will help you encourage participation in those students who refuse to participate on their own. It also takes it a step further by allowing educators to understand why they don’t want to participate, to help make the experience much more personalized and supportive.

Between lessons that are both interesting and interactive and real creativity in the curriculum design itself, students will learn things and learn to love education!

For a proper modern approach to early education in children of all kinds, creativity will be a crucial detail that goes a long way to helping each student and educator find a connection through learning and education. Learn new creative teaching methods online with Traning Source One to help students learn in a modern and fun environment. Enroll online today or contact us to learn more.

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