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Positive Discipline Practices

Positive Discipline Practices

Positive Discipline (or PD) is a discipline model used by schools, and in parenting, that focuses on the positive points of behavior, based on the idea that there are no bad children, just good and bad behaviors.

Positive Discipline guides children away from danger, demonstrates self-control, and teaches them how to make appropriate choices. In addition, positive relationships between children and caregivers helps build confidence and self-esteem

In this training, participants will:

  • Review “positive discipline” and understand their role when applying it in their classroom
  • Be introduced to the four stages of discipline and determine the most appropriate for the children in their care
  • Discover five techniques for effective classroom discipline

Curriculum Code: PDP07072
Earn: .5 CEUs/ 5 Clock hours
Tuition: $47.00

The Role of Positive Classroom Discipline Training

Discipline is one of the hardest things to get right in a classroom, even with the proper classroom discipline training and advice to help guide your way. If you’re looking for tips and suggestions on making the most out of your need, consider taking this course and understanding the role of positive discipline and why it’s a crucial part of modern education.

What is positive discipline training about?

Before you start looking at how the course can be useful, let’s look at what positive discipline (PD) is. This is a model used by everyone, from parents to teachers, that focuses on the idea that there is no such thing as “bad children” but just “bad behavior” instead. This approach encourages each child to understand what differentiates a good choice from a bad choice, why it matters, and how it all helps promote a stronger sense of self.

When used effectively, positive discipline will offer a chance to strengthen the connection between educator and student and leave both with positive impressions long-term. It’s a revolutionary approach to education and parenting in the best possible way for those that want to make it a priority.

What this online training will teach you
It seems that something as broad as a positive discipline would need lots of time and effort to understand it properly. It just takes the right focused course to help you see how it all comes together.

  • Go over positive discipline and what it can do in a classroom: The first step is to have a focused understanding of what positive discipline is and how it can work effectively in classrooms of all age groups, especially the younger ones. You’ll learn about its role, its potential, and the best tips for putting it to work.
  • Understanding the 4 stages of discipline and how to use them: There are 4 different stages in the world of positive discipline, and you’ll learn about these 4 unique stages, how they’re separate, and how best to put them into practice and use when it comes to your classroom.
  • Techniques and tips for discipline in the classroom: When you look at discipline from a classroom setting, this will help you understand the approach to take by relying on 5 unique techniques for approaching discipline in the classroom specifically.

Discipline isn’t black and white despite what those outside the teaching and education world will tell you. The approach to take to discipline often looks different in every situation. That’s because every child in every situation will be different, and discipline has to take on a customized approach to make sure that it’s useful. This will never be someone that someone without proper training can understand, which makes this so crucial.

            This online course on positive classroom discipline training will offer you the right leadership and support to help you get to whatever end goal you decide is suitable for every student in your classroom.

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