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Ten Principles of Childcare Leadership

Ten Principles of Childcare Leadership

Whether you are a Facility Director, Family Childcare Provider, School – Aged Program leader or plunging into leading for the very first time, it is pertinent to acknowledge that your staff’s ability to follow you is only the third important facet of your role.

The second, is that staff members also look at their peers of which they are surrounded but most importantly is they look at what their leader both says and does

In this training, participants will:

  1. Review common actions to avoid when leading others within their organization
  2. Examine Ten Principles of Childcare Leadership”
  3. Demonstrate understanding of best leadership practices

Curriculum CodePCL0717
.5 CEUs/ 5 Clock hours
Tuition: $47.00

The Ten Principles of Childcare Leadership

Leadership and childcare share a tight connection, though it’s often one that is “behind the scenes” for the children in which you serve. If you are looking to ensure that you’re fully prepared to lead, starting with the ten principles of childcare leadership is going to help you be fully trained and ready for what this exciting and engaging world brings to you! From family childcare provider to school program leader, these tips are designed for anyone who is a leader!

The Role of Leadership

Let’s take a moment and be honest: being a leader is a lot harder than the movies and books make it seem. There is a certain personality that goes along with it, but training and experience also play a huge role. If you are looking at making sure that you are ready to be a leader that is respected and listened-to, this online training session can be the helping hand you need.

Not only is it important to understand how to approach leadership when it comes to young minds that are still being formed, it’s also critical to help you understand your role with the staff members and other educators that are going to work directly with you. Leadership, when done correctly, creates an effective team and this includes earning the respect and adherence of staff members and educators. This training is also helpful when you’re looking at moving into different kinds of leadership down the road, as these principles and teachings are designed for childcare leadership roles of all kinds.

Objectives of the training session

Below are the main points of this online training session that are designed to be targeted to leadership, but still broad enough to be used in any “branch” of childcare leadership!

  1. Learn and go over common errors as a leader: There are certain pitfalls that become a trend as a leader. Since you’ll want to avoid those, these sessions go over these in detail to help you be prepared.
  2. Take a look at the ten principles of childcare leadership: There are ten clearly outlined principles when it comes to childcare leadership. All itemized out and explained for you, this course will help you learn what they are.
  3. Exemplify the best practices for leadership: All of that knowledge is great, and all, but you’ll also learn how to put those best practices, using the principles and errors, to guide you into being a true, effective leader in every situation.

Leadership is core in early education

You’ve probably heard all about the different facts of professional development online training, but what a lot of them come back to is the core concept of leadership. Without question, however, it is applied, it’s a central focus that is going to offer up endless potential and positive opportunities when put into action properly.

To ensure that your own situation is as secure and successful as possible, this online training course is perfect for giving you the right introduction to the proper principles of leadership in childcare!”

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