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What is “Train the Trainer”?

The Train-the-Trainer course contains ten experienced filled modules that will walk aspiring, new and experienced instructors, and facilitators through building an accredited training from concept to delivery.

There are two aspects of the Train the Trainer. The first is an opportunity for knowledgeable and experienced trainers and facilitators to partner via our various trainer membership plans and offer CEUs along with their courses. The other is to mentor new and aspiring trainers to build their brand and provide profitable trainings and workshops from concept to delivery.


The Train the Trainer is for you if:

  • You want to structure your trainings according to accredited guidelines.
  • You want to learn new knowledge and skills that will propel your training business.
  • You want to utilize “done for you” templates within your program 
  • You want to build your training company’s online brand
  • You want to partner via our various trainer membership plans and offer CEUs along with your courses.
  • You want to learn ways to monetize your trainings
  • You want to be apart of a community of growth-oriented individuals and start or expand your business

The Train the Trainer (TTT) provides three ways to receive the career shifting information.

A Message From The Instructor

The “Train the Trainer” Online Course

Ten modules, that prepare the learner to create trainings and workshops from concept to delivery as well as earn leadership CEUs.

Module 1: Understanding, Training, Facilitation and Presenting

Module 2: Determining Your Topic

Module 3: Creating a Training Design

Module 4: Preparing for the Workshop

Module 5: Set the Atmosphere

Module 6: Tricks of the Trade

Module 7: The Importance of Interaction

Module 8: Managing Difficult Participants

Module 9: Handling Difficult Topics

Module 10: The Importance of Wrap- Up

Take The Course

The “Train the Trainer” Ebook.
Provides the reader with both the techniques and strategies when creating a training or workshop as well as provide real life scenarios when delivering a training.


The “Train the Trainer” Workbook
is a fillable pdf document that will allow the learner to follow along while completing the online training. It can be completed from a laptop, PC or smart phone.(Recommended)


7 Steps To Build Profitable Trainings and Workshops


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