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Working Within Teams for Childcare Professionals

Working as a team is important in the early childhood education profession.

Teachers and staff who work as a team, help provide a comfortable and effective team environment which in turn assures a safe and loving environment for the children that you serve.

In this training, participants will:

  1. Recognize traits of successful teams
  2. Identify characteristics of effective teacher teams
  3. Examine four types of team players and determine their specific type

Curriculum CodeWWT0730
: .5 CEUs/ 5 Clock hours
Tuition: $47.00

Working Within Teams for Childcare Professionals

A strong team is a good team. Regardless of the approach each person takes when it comes to actual teamwork, a group that works hard at being a team will be a good team at the end of the day. Creating a safe, effective, and dependable space for little ones will be done through teacher team building activities and dedicated teamwork at the higher levels. That order and strength trickle down to those in your classrooms, too, for even more cohesion and a great start to a productive educational setting.

Why teacher team building activities matter

Teamwork in early education is all about technique, precision, and dedication. When you look at online early education training that focuses on helping you understand those details, it’s going to get a whole lot better and more accessible for all those who are looking for a chance to do things the right way! A good, professional team is practical, strong, focused, and always ready to step up and help when the time comes. All of this can come together to help create a safe and supportive environment for children in your care.

Childcare professionals have a lot of responsibility put onto them, particularly when it comes to making sure that not only are their students doing well but that all staff members are on the same page. A huge part of helping the latter part of that will be working as part of a team. The proper support for that can go a long way!

Focus areas for this team building online training:

Identify the best traits of successful teams: Some groups are more effective than others, and not all teams are equal. This course will teach you the best qualities for successful teams so that you can apply them to yours.

  • Understand the best characteristics for teamwork in teaching: Certain characteristics make up the best teachers and staff teams. Identifying and understanding those characteristics gives them ample space in your team, as well as a great sense of how you’re putting your team together.
  • Discover the main types of team players and how they come together: Every team member comes from a different perspective and will have different needs and wants. You’ll help each person be an effective team member with the proper understanding of how the main types of team players work and how to bring them all together.


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