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We Offer a Variety Of Service Options Allowing Our Training Programs To Work With Your Infrastructure

On- Site Training/Small and Large Group

At Training Source One we define a small group class as minimum of 10 – 20 students; large group is considered 20 or more. Our experience and resources currently allow for group classes of up to 100 students that may be broken down into large classroom sizes or multiple training sessions of 35 to 50 per session. If you are seeking an on-site instructor either at your facility or at the Training Source One location in West Palm Beach, please contact us, and we can put together a training plan that suits your unique and specific needs.  Please note group training courses have special pricing incentives available.

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Virtual Training’s

At Training Source One we understand that time is valuable as well as knowledge, if you are looking for a relevant and realistic training that can be implemented immediately in your day to day activities, than the Real-Time One-on-One zoom training courses are recommended. Our virtual trainings include one hour of intensive training session, work material, phone support, email support and instructor feedback.

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Educational Conferences

Alicia Williams is on a mission to impact educators to become “change agents” within their programs. As a seasoned professional development trainer, Alicia has over 25 years of experience in education and has a successful career sharing her experiences as a classroom teacher, facility director and training professional. Alicia is owner and operator of Training Source One, an accredited professional development training organization that provides training and technical assistance to organizations looking to increase staff morale and overall persona. Her clients include small startup educational institutions to large franchise organizations and multi-campus educational service providers. Please speaking engagements have special pricing incentives available.

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The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

When looking to improve your organization, institution and/or career, we must always look to improve our selves with the right knowledge, resources and tools.  This type of commitment and preparation will only support your efforts to achieve and surpass your goals.

Evaluation, Assessment, Improvement Strategies

One of the unique services of Alicia Williams M.S.L. is her evaluation, assessment and implementation services.  Engage Mrs. Williams to evaluate specific aspects of your staff and organization.  Upon completion of evaluation and assessment she will provide a strategy and implementation plan to follow that will improve and enhance your team and organization.

Experience, Dedication, Implementation

When choosing a team to assist in enhancing your human resources and organizations product and service offerings, choosing an instructor with the experience, dedication and passion to educate and coach is the key to success.