At any institution with a training program, trainers will always search for ways to improve their skill set. Teaching professionals to become the best trainers is done in stages shown below.

Four simple ways to train world-class trainers


1.      Connect with the trainer

This is an important step; it could develop or wreck the learning experience of the trainer. Tasks such as gaining credibility, securing respect, being welcoming, showing care, meeting the trainers’ needs, getting them to like you, and showing appreciation. These are all vital, but connecting with the trainer remains the foundation of all these tasks. You could start with a welcoming email informing them of what the program entails and how they gain from it. It would also help you get to know them better by letting them fill the learning style assessment, personality style assessment, and goals assessment. It should help them list their top three goals.

After the email, set up a meeting for an official introduction. It should help you build credibility with, allow trainers to express their goals and concerns, discuss their growth and make them feel safe.


2.      Observe and give feedback to the trainer

This step is considered as a bridge into the task of impacting trainers with fresh ideas. To create and deliver meaningful feedback, there are several factors to consider.

Firstly, be discrete. Your task here is to make the trainer feel safe and secure. This means you should not look at them and write about every move they make in a classroom observation setting. Secondly, free write what you hear. You should type all that you hear from them, then let your mind filter what is important. It will help if you put their words in quotes, as this will enable you to differentiate what they said and what you wrote. Ensure you get the examples right by putting down what they say ensuring your feedback is based on facts. It is also essential to write down the positive and negative feelings of how the observation makes you feel.


3.      Teach new ideas to the trainer

This step is done through one on one sessions with the trainer. Each session should correspond to the goals documented in the feedback. Train the trainer on how to show credibility by overcoming nervousness, speaking well, and exuding confidence. They should be taught how to build rapport by welcoming, meeting trainee needs, and showing them that they care. Ensure you engage trainees by getting them to interact more.


4.      Encourage the trainer to incorporate the new ideas.

New ideas could either excite or overwhelm the trainers. Observing them, giving feedback, and holding one on one sessions with them is never enough. They need to get to a stage where they get to do all that has been taught independently. Hence, you will have to sit back and observe the trainer put in work to get better. To become the best trainer, all you need is a coaching program in place. You should search ‘professional training near me’ and get started on your training journey.


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